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Okay, i have an am2 motherboard and i need a new CPU, and i don't really want to have to buy a new Motherboard or computer... so i found the Amd Athlon 5800+ on but it says OEM packaging what does that mean? i read places that it means it doesnt come with a heatsink which i NEED!, and if it doesn't come with one would my Amd Athlon 3800+ heatsink work with it (with new thermal paste/compound?)
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  1. If they have the same tdp it will work. There where 2 versions of the X2 3800+ on had tdp 89watts like the 5800+ the other one 65watts and a 3800+ single core with 62 watts. I would not be surprised if AMD used the same heatsink for all.
  2. the wattage of the 5800+ is 89 Watts i think, and my 3800+ is on single core so 62 watts so that means it won't work ): becuase i'd really hate to have to order this from and then get a heatsink from ebay....
  3. Most likely they had the same cooler for the 60 to 89 watt CPU's. Does your heat sink have heat pipes?
  4. uhh heatpipes? i dunno what you mean bassically my CPU heatsink is a blackfan.... and beneath that is like this silvermetal peice that has a hole bunch of like little squares (in between the metal peices) so im guessing thats what a heat pipes are?

    thats bassically what it looks like
  5. Okay, so i just got an email from tigerdirect and it said that it does not come with heatisnk or fan so i guess im gonna buy it and try with my 3800+ fan and if no just buy one off ebay kinda pisses me off though
  6. okay but im not buying it until i test my 3800+ heatsink/fan
  7. Mithness said:
    okay but im not buying it until i test my 3800+ heatsink/fan

    The HS\fan from your 3800+ should be fine esp if you are not OCing -- just monitor the temp of the CPU for awhile to make sure.
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    Mithness said:
    okay but im not buying it until i test my 3800+ heatsink/fan

    The only thing that is going to happen if the cooler is small is that the fan is going to run faster under normal use than on the 3800+.
  9. thats not necissarly bad is it?
  10. It might be a little bit louder than you are used to.
  11. that's Perfectly Fine where i live it's ussally always loud (right beside a highway....) lol, so it's all good, yay next thing on my list Thermal paste/compound.... would you recommend me jusy buying the 15 dollar artic silver or is their cheaper ones?
  12. i no longer have a radio shack i have the source lol and futureshop which cost 15 but i'll check the source (told it was the equlivent of radio shack) thank you very to everyone that helped me execpically Rolli59 becuase i was really worried about the heatsink/fan
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