Gigabyte 870a-ud3 Internet problems

My pc randomly shuts off the internet and says it "loses the connection" I have my desktop wired to the router. Meanwhile i have internet on my laptop just fine which is wireless. There should not be a loss in internet with a wired connection. I've recently factory restored my pc for other reasons, reinstalled gpu drivers and made an attempt at updating the bios. I say attempt because i was scared i'd download the wrong one. My MOBO is a GIGABYTE 870A-UD3 REV 2.2. If it's the bios that is causing the problems a link to the proper bios with directions on how to update would be magnificent.

Q: What are you doing when your internet stops working?
A: Hosting 4 servers/surfing the web/basic file management/And perhaps a game.
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  1. Hello,

    What OS are you using on the wired desktop, and wireless laptop? If Win-7, it has several nice troubleshooters to determine where the problem is.
    The Network and Sharing screen with Full Map puts an X on the spot where the problem is.

    Next time it happens, from your laptop, ping an outside internet site to make sure your system is functioning OK. Then ping the desktop, first by name, then by IP address. Then on you desktop, ping your NIC (, then your router ( or whatever it's IP address is), then ping your cable modem or DSL unit. That should get you started in ID'ing the problem.

    Also take a look in the event viewer, under System or Application Services \ Internet Explorer for errors that may point you to the problem.

    Once you know the problem, you can work on fixing it.
  2. I updated my BIOS and the lan driver and this took care of similar and other problems I was having with the internet connection. My board is an X58 Gigabyte board but I'm guessing that the integrated lan is similar in AMD boards.

    I first tried updating the BIOS with a GA-EX58-UD3R bios update and it would not update. Gave me errors which I do not remember now. I emailed Gigabyte and they told me that I needed to update with a GA-EX58-UD3R-SLI BIOS update instead of the EX58-UD3R Bios. The UD3R-SLI board is not found on the US Gigabyte web site but it is on the Taiwan web site where they linked me to and the correct BIOS is there.

    Now I'm a happy camper with my system! Just 2 years old and I'm hoping many more to come.

    Use a flash drive with Q-Flash to update your Bios. Q-Flash is supposed to be the safest. It was siple enough for me.
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