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I have a Wharfedale 42" and a 4870 graphics card. ON default there ais a certan amount missing around the entire screen and I have toi scale it to get the desktop to the right size. But all of my games have this border sometimes its all the way round and sometimes its just the sides is there anyway of fixing this Ive played with the catalyst option gpu scaling and stuff, but nothing seems to work.
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  1. Set your games to the default resolution of you display. Your display does not seem to support scaling of resolution. Also if the game is set to 3:4 aspect ratio, you will see a border on only 2 of the sides.
  2. does it on all resolutions even native 1080p

    xbox 360 is however fine
  3. So you set the game resolution to whatever your monitor supports, and you get a border? Same thing with the regular Windows output?

    Looks like the resolution of your TV is 1920 x 1080, when you set your output on the PC and games to that, do you still see the borders?
  4. check the ATI CCC for overscan (make sure it is 0%)
  5. still does it.
  6. miko999 said:
    still does it.

    When the resolution of the deskop, and inside the game config is 1920x1080 you still get borders?
  7. miko999 said:

    This may not be a true fix, but on the TV, you should have some options to change screen settings. Things like "Zoom, Full, Pan and Scan". Start up something that has a border and then play around with those see if it helps.

    My DVD player when I play some DIVX movies ends up playing them in the middle of my TV screen, and I need to use the Full option on the remote to expand it.

    From some reasearch, it turns out that the upscaling in the DVD player causes this with some sources. What you are seeing may be something similar.
  8. First thing I tried mate, when done changing these certain settings on the TV did nothing to the actual size, I'm almost certain its a driver issue.
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