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I have found that this is impossible. I need to discard the Linksys router, and use the router built into the modem with a switch. I started a new thread asking for help doing that, please disregard this thread.

I had a Efficient Speedstream 5667 dsl modem with a built in firewall. I wanted to disable the firewall, but it was so complicated that members here just recommended that I buy a new modem without a firewall.

So I got the Efficient Speedstream 5360 without a firewall. I thought it'd be the same thing, with the same easy setup, just no firewall. Unfortunately its completely different, there is no web interface, and it is only a bridge. My ISP ( requires a username and password log in, but this modem can't provide that.

A disc came with the modem with a program called EnterNet 300. It is not winxp compatible. But I read that winxp has a built-in support for PPPoE. I tried that;

But I couldn't get that to work.

Also there is a place in the router's web interface (linksys BEFSR41) to login with PPPoE using a password and username. But that doesn't seem to work either.

Can someone please, please tell me how to get this modem to work!?!?! Or tell me a the name of a modem (no firewall) that will work with my ISP?!?!?!? Thanks

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  1. I found out why the 5360 bridge won't work. Doctor Olds at,11537406~mode=flat#11540649 told me this;

    "Frontier.Net uses PPPoA and that means you have to use their supplied 5667 Router/Modem (It's a 2 in 1 device). The is no Bridge that will work on a PPPoA line that I am aware of. There is no PPPoA software for available for Windows and that is why your ISP sent you a Router/Modem with PPPoA built-in."
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