Faint noise coming from notebook hard drive

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Samsung NP530U4C-S02CA Ultrabook. Everything seems fine with the notebook with the exception of a faint static noise accompanied with a faint click. Though faint, it is constant and quite annoying. I suspect that it could be a problem with the hard drive since its coming from the HDD compartment of the laptop. It begins as soon as I boot up the notebook. Is this noise normal or is there something wrong with my notebook?


Hard drive:
Seagate ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB - 1 TB
w/ Sandisk SSD i100 24 GB

I've added a short recording of what the noise sounds like; from 7 secs to 15 secs is the most audible portion of the recording.

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  1. It does not sound like the typical head parking disk failure sound, not sure what it actually is but it doesn't sound like a problem. In any case, you should do regular backup of your data and not worry about it otherwise.
  2. not sure.
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