Unable to play games

I am having a system with following specifications
•core2Duo processor 2.8 GHz
•2Gb kingmax 800 ram
•Asus p5sd2vm motherboard.
•chipset = SIS 672 northbridge with 256 Mb shared memory and SIS 968 southbridge.

i am not able to play simple games like IGI-2 it run extremely slowly in my computer and many time computer hangs with blue,red,yellow lines and areas on the screen.
there are many other games which can be played on my friends computer with less system resources then mine , but those games are either very slow , hang computer or do nor play at all.

can you tell me what could be the reason ????????
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  1. A discrete graphics card would solve your problem. The integrated mirage on your board is not meant for playing games.
  2. Agree, get yourself a discrete card, any low end card would still MUCH better than the integrated SIS... :)
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