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Sup guys, im planning on changing the case, the mobo and the cpu of my computer, but i was wondering if i will have to insatll again the OS, or ill just have to connect it to the new mobo???

im doing this because i have a compaq presario computer now, i already changed the PSU(Corsair TX650W), the CPU to a core 2 duo( the fastest i could put in it, E7xxx series), added 2 GB of RAM(now i have 4GB), and changed the GPU(HD 5850). i have a 250GB HDD wich is perfect for my needs, later i would add more memory. i dont like having a pre built system, i want a computer built on my own haha, i think u know what i mean, and that i can overclock when i want. im changing to amd and getting a AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE, and a crossfire MOBO with capacity for 16GB of RAM

so, will i have to install the OS again??? or ill just have to move the harddrive to the new build??}

Thx guys!!!!!!!! Homebuilt systems rule!!!! hahaha
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    i THINK you have to reinstall the OS, but im not positive.
  2. goalguy876 said:
    i THINK you have to reinstall the OS, but im not positive.

    thx man, ill wait for more posts
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  4. I don't think there is any harm in trying to get the old HDD to work with the new mobo, the but the most likely outcome is that you will have to reinstall the OS.

    If the install disk is a Compaq CD, and the mobo you are replacing is the original compaq mobo, you may be SOL. It would really depend on how old it is. Generally the os, during installation, will be tied to the mobo.

    However, you may just need to call Microsoft and explain that your mobo died, and you have to reinstall the OS. They should give you a new key to activate, and then you should be good to go.

    Again, if the install disk is a Compaq disk, and not a generic MS-OS install disk, it may be pre-coded to only install on a Compaq mobo. (older dells run into this problem).

    However, there is no real harm in trying.
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