New Sabertooth X58 not powering up

I just finished building my first computer, and when I tried turning everything on, nothing happens not a single LED lights up using HAF 932 case, it too is not lighting up. attached is a CORSAIR TX950W psu, pulled out the 24pin and etx12v pin and checked the leads on the pIn with a tester and i see that it glows (assuming that power is going out of the psu!)

Thanks in advance for any tips.
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  1. Update: the configuration is as follows: evga gtx460, corsair tx950w, sabretooth x58,
    Corsair vengence 2x2 4gb palced in A1, B1 Slots,
    24pin from psu is plugged on to the board, and 8 pin ext12v pin is also plugged in, 2 case fans joined and plugged to a ATA POWER and 2 more fans plugged in seperately tto the ATA power, all of the case (HAF 932 Coolermaster) pins( hdd, pwr, reset) too are plugged in. cpu i7990x along with its heatsink is also placed correctly.
    when powering up for the first time no ligts turn on neither on the case nor the board.

    help required
  2. Hey SaiPrasad, there are a few things to check.. First, when you press the power button, the cpu fan should almost immediately start (you do have that plugged into the mainboard, right?)... With Asus boards, some of them will fail to even enter the boot rom w/o that being plugged in as a safety/fire precaution.

    Second, having just looked at the diagnostics for the board, you need a speaker to diagnose what's wrong... it plugs into the same header as the power & reset switched for the board... The beep codes it gives will help in diagnosing things.

    All of that being said, chances are, with the LGA 1366/1155/1156 socket, you damaged the socket installing the processor. This is the most common mistake that newbies to building machines today are making because the pins in the socket are incredibly fragile.

    The speaker, if your PC case doesn't have one is a $2 part that you can order from a number of places online if you google 'pc case speaker'. I'd get one before you do anything else, if it turns out you damaged the motherboard, you'll also need one when talking to Asus about a replacement, my general impression is that Asus is pretty good about RMA'ing boards with socket damage (once you deal with their customer support, which I've heard isn't very pleasant).

    Besides all of that, you might want to give a quick check to make sure that your power & reset plugs are connected to the mobo header in the right place & to the right pins.
  3. 1 Mistake found - had the pc-speaker attached to SPDIF_OUT
    Corrected it by attaching it to where Chaisis power/reset switchs are connected. Turned on the system and still no indicators.

    Now removed the cpu-fan heatsink and thinking of taking the cpu out, afraid to find any bent pins if any what can be done? and how can i put back the processor for the paste laied on it is now dried out?
    please advice
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