Contextant HD Audio Sound Card Help! Urgent!

Hey Guys,

I am currently having trouble on my Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv6000 model and its running on Windows Vista. I am having some trouble with my sound card. My sound card driver is the Contextant High Definition Audio driver. I clicked the disable button for the sound card on the device manager and then pressed enable again and it didn't work like it used to (there was a red x on the volume speaker icon on the bottom right hand corner and it said no audio device installed). Thinking it was an updating issue I went to this website to update the drivers ( It still didnt work (red x was still there on speaker icon). Then I went back to the device manager and right clicked on the sound card driver and then clicked "roll back driver" under the details tab to make it go to its old functions and it changed. On n the speaker volume icon on the bottom right hand corner you could control the level of the volume but you couldn't hear the "ding" it does when changing the audio levels and too make sure I went on youtube to watch a random video and there was no audio at all. How can I get my old sound card functions back without rebooting my computer completely if possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible!
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  1. Uninstall drivers, remove from device manager and reboot, let it detect new hardware and install driver.

    Had this problem on a DV6 that came in for repair and it fixed it, drivers should be on the 'C' drive.

    Worst case scenario, backup all your important files and do a full factory restore.
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