5770 vs 275gtx on E5200

Okay so i noticed the the 260gtx is a BIT better than the 5770, but the 5770 uses less power and can be overclocked. How about the 275gtx? I know a bit more can get me a 5850 but thats a bit far off my budget and im on a E5200.
I got a MSI-P6NGM motherboard, and the E5200 2.5ghz stock. I'll be buying the Cooler Master Hyper TX2 and most likely overclock to 3.5ghz/3.6ghz or so .. I did 3.33ghz with stock fan but failed some how while my pc was OFF .. i turned it on and got the error and blue screen, so i changed back to original settings. That was after the overclock by a couple of weeks. So i guess i can get to 3.6ghz with no probs. Back to graphics cards now. I don't wanna be bottlenecked or anything and i guess the E5200 is a good gaming and overclocking cpu. So 275gtx or the 5770ATI ? .. 550/600watt power supply enough? I'm running at 1920x1080 resolution by the way. I play games like L4D2 / MW2 / CS:S .. Etc. I currently have 2gbs of ram but ill get another 2gb stick. DDR2 .. Any other questions about my PC feel free to ask just help me out :P .. Thanks.
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  1. The E5200 will bottleneck a GTX 275.
    I would get the 5770, with recent driver's it's as good as the GTX 260 if not slightly better.
    For games such as CS:S, L4D, and Mw2 (which aren't very demanding) a 5770 will max them out easy.
  2. An E5200 at 3.6 will be fine with a GTX 275 or a HD 5770. A 5770 will run cooler and overclock quite well though......not to mention DX 11. If you check the comparison you will see that the HD 5770 actually is better than the GTX 275 in some cases.
    At 1920 x 1080 I would go with a HD 5770.

  3. The GTX 275 tends to be extremely overpriced these days and is only DX10. If you are willing to forgo DX11 then get an HD4890 as it will perform the same for much less money. You could also go for an HD5830. Not quite as good as the HD4890/GTX 275 but it is DX11 compatible and overclocks a large amount making it an better choice than those two. Only consider it one if you are going to OC though, if not the HD5770 is a much better deal for the money.
    Or just save up slightly more for the HD5850. It is the ideal choice.
  4. I would go for the 5770 all the way. It drivers aren't to bad now too, plus as they've said it runs cooler than a GTX275. Plus it consumes less power. But like jyjjy said, you should also consider the 5830's. They are pretty close to the price of the 5770, if you consider 50$ close, I would in the sense of computer parts. You'd also see a jump from 5770 to 5830, Bottlenecking though, I'm not sure. But seeing as the 5830 is just a little bit below the 275 in performance, it shouldn't bottleneck at 3.6 as anort said. Also the 5830 vs the 275 is almost = performance for less power and price and future proofing.

    http://www.madshrimps.be/vbulletin/f22/ati-radeon-hd-5830-benchmarked-vs-geforce-gtx-260-gtx-275-a-70270/ 5770

    though all the way if you don't intend to spend just 50$ more for the 5830.
  5. Well the problem is, if i get the 5850 my cpu might bottleneck it =/ Even at 3.6ghz i guess.
  6. wait till july for gtx 460
  7. In general you can't just say x CPU will bottleneck X card. Bottlenecking happens when the processor can't keep up with the video cards ability to create frames. How many frames per second the cpu can provide info for and how many frames per second the GPU can render will vary depending on many factors including resolution, in game settings, what game it is and even what is going on in the game at the time. Also often bottlnecking doesn't even matter. Frame rates over 60 are largely useless. LCD monitors with refresh rates over 60hz are quite rare so frame rates above that are simply not displayed by the screen and even if they were it wouldn't be very discernible. So if your card can render 100 fps but your cpu is bottlenecking at 80 fps it really doesn't matter.
    A wolfdale at 3.6ghz is pretty good(although closer to 3.8ghz should be your goal with a decent after market cooler imo.) It will bottleneck the HD5850 a bit sometimes but only on the most cpu intensive games that are highly multithreaded and more suited to quad cores and mostly in ways that are largely irrelevant like I described above.
  8. Quote:
    I'll be buying the Cooler Master Hyper TX2

    uh, i've recently detached my tx2 because the fan wont work anymore. and its a bit tricky to fix the darn thing, the plastic surrounding the hsf was a big obstacle. i suggest getting the easier to maintain hyper tx3 version or the hyper 212+, though my tx2 lasted more than 2 years of 20hours a day operation (estimate).

    i'd get the 5770 not because of dx11 (dx11 @ 1080p is a longshot for a 5770), but its just super efficient and cheaper.
  9. IROC_69 said:
    wait till july for gtx 460

    Kind of different price range :P IF you account for the 160$ price of the 5770, the 460GTX, based on this http://www.tomshardware.com/news/gtx-460-fermi-gf104,10723.html , the margin is 90$ or 80$, At that price point, I think you'd start considering even the 5830.
  10. aznshinobi said:
    Kind of different price range :P IF you account for the 160$ price of the 5770, the 460GTX, based on this http://www.tomshardware.com/news/gtx-460-fermi-gf104,10723.html , the margin is 90$ or 80$, At that price point, I think you'd start considering even the 5830.

    well i would still be looking at gtx 460 because nvidia cards r good proofs the future and lasts long althought u will get all that eye candy stuff on screen :sol: physx cuda :sol: and much more
  11. I have an E5300 (2.6GHz) OCed to 3.5-3.6GHz at 1.31v with a cheap $12 thermaltake cooler.

    I have it paired up with an ATI XFX 5770 1GB and it works great!
  12. Before I got my Crosshair I had an Asrock 780a/x2 550 @ 3.6Ghz + GTX 260 heavily overvolted and overclocked and did not experience much of a bottleneck @ 1680x 1050.

    At this point in time a GTX 275 would be a waste of money unless you can get it for cheap. Wait for the GTX 460, should be out in about 2 weeks from now at 230.00$ (768Mb) or 250.00$ (1Gb).
  13. I think i might get the HD5850, but my CPU might bottleneck it.
  14. Did you read jyjjy's post??
  15. Yeah, I wasn't making all that up.
  16. Yeah okay hmm .. How about the vandetta 2 .. you think i could get my E5200 to 3.8ghz with it?
  17. megaswap said:
    I think i might get the HD5850, but my CPU might bottleneck it.

    here my feelings about it, i think your cpu will be fine, people also talk about bottlenecking the gpu, but at 3.6ghz in most games you'll be fine no bottlenecking, and when you do see bottlenecking, you'll be running more frames then your monitor can display anyways, so if your playing MW2 or something and instead of getting 120fps your only getting 100fps, you won't be able to tell a difference because there won't be one, in reality it'll just be saving your power

    personally in all games that i know will run over 60fps, i turn on vsync, save power produce less heat, same experience, and in games that are more demanding anyways, it'll be your gpu that's struggling, anyways so it'll be the bottleneck not your cpu

    ....but if you have a 120hz monitor forget everything i just said :kaola:
  18. Yeah like jyjjy you won't bottleneck most likely. I ran a 550 at 3.6 with a 5850 and no bottle neck.
  19. jonnyboy .. Thanks, good point. My monitors 60hz i guess, its the 2333SW HD.
  20. And, if i get the 5770 now .. & Upgrade my pc in a couple of months i WILL regret buying the 5770, so ill just go for the 5850.
  21. NICE CHOICE! Haha, I have one and it is a fantastic card really. Check your PSU, You should get a at least 500+ watt PSU. And remember pick the best answer.
  22. megaswap said:
    And, if i get the 5770 now .. & Upgrade my pc in a couple of months i WILL regret buying the 5770, so ill just go for the 5850.

    Well, if you get a motherboard that is crossfire capable(second slot at least x8) you can always crossfire the HD5770 for performance similar to an HD5870.
  23. Hmm... That got me thinking, and I checked your mobo on Newegg, they have all the FIH or FD editions to the MSI-P6NGM. And all Micro, so no CF, but.... I'm not sure that you won't bottleneck from the fact that the mobo I THINK is Pci 16x, not PCI 16x 2.0. It is backwards compatible so it'll work fine. It's just that you may see bottlenecks not from your CPU but because your mobo doesn't have the 2.0. BUT STILL This doesn't mean its true as I just did a quick check.

    Though I checked MSI's sight for the FIH version of your mobo, and that seemed to be 16x 2.0 slot. Not saying the 5850 won't work, its just it might slow down because of the slot.

  24. My ones the MSI-P6NGM-L

    Hmm, i don't really mind. I don't wanna change my mobo now, and then change it again in a couple of months. So ill just bare with it and upgrade to i5 & p55 later on.
  25. Oh ok then yea the best bet was going with the 5850 since your planing to get the i5. BTW Get the i5-750, i hope that's obviously the best budget/i5. In my opinion because it can OC so easily and its a quad-core compared to some i5's that are dual-cores and cost more than the 750.
  26. Yeah i know of course, the i5-750 FTW! XD I was wondering as well, 6gbs of ram DDR3 (for the i5 & p55) is enough, right? and the 5850 lol
  27. LGA 1156 boards are dual channel so just grab 4 gigs of ram. Unless you are doing something that is extremely ram intensive like HD video editing or music production then 4 gigs should be enough for a normal person.
  28. Yea :P 4 gigs is enough for standard. 6 is probably a little to much. I never 100% to be honest with my 4 gigs.
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