I am getting a new case and was wondering how I should set the fans up for airflow. There is a 120mm front fan, 2 top 120mm fans, an 80mm rear fan, and a 200mm side fan. The PSU is bottom mounted and draws its own air in from outside the case. I will be using all the fans and just need to know how to set them up to avoid any airflow issues.

Oh and of course the case:
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  1. As a general rule,
    front and sides: Intake
    Rear and top: Exhaust
    but you may get to playing around and make small inprovements as time goes by
    Personally I'd upgrade the 80mm rear fan to a 120mm but nice case otherwise, enjoy your build mate.
  2. Ive always been told to think of it like a car.

    Front sucks the air in, the back pushes the air out.

    You need smooth air flow for the best cooling.
  3. Well, same here. Although some investigation said that for common usage, an exhaust rear fan and the CPU cooling fan is already adequate for normal temperature maintenance purpose.
  4. But many of us here overclock so "normal temperature maintenance purpose" is inadequate.
  5. jsc said:
    But many of us here overclock so "normal temperature maintenance purpose" is inadequate.

    Can't argue with that... :D

    The OP however, didn't explain his concept. Whether it's plain usage, on-the-air overclocking, or water cooled. I'm assuming it's between the first two.

    I undervolt my PC with results below standard temperature, so overclocking is not exactly my major... :lol:
  6. RailGun88 said:

    For that price, you can get much better cases.. Further, its a micro-ATX/ITX compliant case so your motherboard cannot have dimensions more than that.. Are you sure you've got all that covered.?
  7. Yep all covered. I like the case due to portability, cooling, and the looks. Also the case can fit any GPU I get. And I plan on running a 5770 and an oc'ed AMD Phenom II X2 560 unlocked to a quad core.
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    If your planning on clocking then you want the best airflow you can get in there
    so if it was my case I'd
    one 120mm fan front intake
    one 120mm fan side intake (optional)
    two 120mm fans in the roof >exhaust
    one 120mm fan at rear >exhaust
    maybe look at one 120mm in the floor in front of where the hdd cage is now but I would rotate hard drive case 90' or remove altogether, its blocking your 120 front fan.
    Good luck with the unlocking man, hope it goes well for you :)
  9. Thank you Moto. I was planning on removing the bottom HDD cage anyways.
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  11. Thank you for B.A. man, hope it goes well :)
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