A New Budget Gaming System

I have just built a new system on a tight (HARD CAP) $1000 budget.
Here is the rig:

Athlon II 465 X3 3.1 Ghz - $85
GIGABYTE GA-870A-UD3 - $110
HIS Radeon 5870 1GB - $350
CoolerMaster CM690II - $60
Antec EarthWatts 650W - $60
4GB G.Skill RipJaw 1600 DDR3 Kit - $90
Sony IDE DVD-DL 18x - $15
500GB WD Caviar Blue - $42
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 - 80
Total approx $900

I basically came out with 100 bux to spare. (More save = More good)
What do you think?

I kind of skimped on a hard drive, basically built everything around that video card.
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  1. Use that extra 100 bucks for the 955 Black edition and spend 18 dollars more for a samsung spinpoint f3..
  2. I agree with goalguy. Those are both good changes, especially pairing the Radeon 5870 with the 955. If you haven't bought the DVD writer yet, spend an extra $4-$5 for a SATA drive. IDE is dead.
  3. IDE is dead. It is a DVD DL writer. I don't really see a need to change from an IDE to an SATA, particularly since that would use up one of my SATA ports, for no reason. If I ever do expand my storage to crazy RAID levels (much like my main workhorse system) than this is 1 less port I have to worry about.

    I would have liked to get the 955, but I decided to take a chance and see if I could just unlock the current chip from 3 to 4 cores. Part of the fun I suppose. Had I gotten a 955, I would have reasonably had needed to get a better after market heat-sink too, which might have pushed me over my budget.

    Why the Spinpoint over the WD Blue? The price was right on the Blue.

    I haven't finished tweaking my system yet, I might have to spend 30 dollars on fans still... I'll keep this thread up to date with that...

    Thanks for the input guys!
  4. The Spinpoint is much faster. The athlon 3 core doesnt have the l3 cache and wont be as fast as the 955. The 955 comes with a perfectly good heatsink if your not overclocking.If you have the money, the 955 is well worth it.
  5. Well, I am hoping my x3 is just a 965 with a disabled core. And I still have to buy a monitor/keyboard/mouse ;)
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