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I have a computer I bought from and have decided to add some SATA internal hard drives to it. I had them all plugged in and went to boot up the computer and it would not even show anything on my monitor. However, if I unplug the SATA connection to the new hard drives and boot it up the computer turns on. I can even plug the SATA connections back in while the computer is on and Windows sees them and I can use them to store stuff on. However, right when I turn off my computer and restart it, once again the computer doesn't turn on unless I unplug the new SATA connection to the motherboard.

I'm decent with computers and have never seen this problem before of being able to use the hard drives when I plug them in while windows is already booted, but the computer won't even start if they are plugged in to begin with. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. While you have already probably done this, attach the drives and then go into your bios menu and insure that the boot order has your OS drive as the first choice.

    Also, and more likely the issue from what it sounds like, you could have a power supply issue (inadequate to initially start all drives at once) so delay the start up of the ancillary drives in the bios; or use them on a secondary controller if you have one that you can delay its power up.
  2. Thank you for the help. It sounds very much like the second issue with the power problem. My problem is I can't get into BIOS, my computer boots up instantly to Windows and my monitors don't turn on until it gets to that step so I don't know which button to hit to get into BIOS.
  3. Nvm, I finally got into it and changed everything. Works like a charm now, appreciate the help!!
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