Performance of i7-840QM

1.) So, the i7 cores are hyper-threaded, does this increase, decrease, or do nothing when it comes to encoding video?

2.) With turbo boost it maxes out to 2.0ghz for each core. So would this processor actually be slower than my q6600 2.4 desktop processor?

3.) Would you notice a significant increase to the i7-940XM has 2.13-3.33GHz vs the i7840QM 1.86-3.2GHz

Help appreciated!
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  1. 1) So long as you're using a multi-threaded video encoder (which is pretty much all of them), it increases performance

    2) Hard to say for sure, but I'd guess it would be a bit faster than a stock Q6600 (but not by much in most cases)

    3) There would be some increase, but not that much. If the price difference is significant, I wouldn't bother with the upgrade.
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