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Which memory will support

hi there recently bought pc here is the config below
Cpu : i3 540 @3.07 ghz
Motherboard : Asus P7H55-M
Memory : 16gb Corsair 1600Mhz ( CMX4GX31A1600C9)

problem is recnlty im facing memory issue like blue screen im runing windows 7 x64 i gone thorugh sm forum they said do mem test i did it saying bad memory but thing if i go through motherboard specification it say it support 2100/2133/1800/1600/1333/.... but when i went through there QVL i found there is now where this memory mentioned which im using at moment the corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHZ pls help me with it wat shud i do now shud i replace rams or replace board just confused ....
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  1. If I Google that memory model number you listed, nothing comes up.

    I have a feeling you just don't have the voltage, speed and timings set correctly in the bios.

    Run CPU-Z and tell us what it says the ram is set to under the memory tab.
  2. its Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHZ

    type : DDR3 Channel # Dual
    Size : 16384MBytes DC Mode Symmetric
    NB Frequency 2141.1,0 MHz

    DRAM Frequency : 535.3MHz
    FSB:FRAM 4.16
    CAS#Latency : 8.0Clocks
    RAS# to CAS# Delay(tRCD) : 8Clocks
    RAS# Precharge (tRP) : 8Clocks
    Cycle time (tRAS) : 20Clocks
    Row Refresh Cycle Time (tRFS): 86Clocks
    Command Rate (CR) : 2T

    and MotherBoard is ASUS P7H55-M Hey by the way by search more abt this i found smthing tht the ram which currently im using [ CORSAIR XMS3 1600MHZ (CMX4GX3M1A1600C9)] I found tht in my mother specification not only in manual its mentioned tht it support 2100/2133/1800/1600/1333
    but when i m using 16 gb of those ram blue screen appearing after every interval of 30mins i found tht in Corsair website there is memory finder ther i was comapring when i type my PART NO (CMX4GX3M1A1600C9) IT showed sm motherboard list to which it is compatible but in those list i didnt found my motherboard MOdel no but there is another i tried i tried in corsairs webiste to find which memory is compatible to my Motherboard i found


    Memory Type
    DDR3-1600 (Vengeance LP-9-9-9-24*1.5v) Dual Channel

    16GB (4 x 4GB)


    240-pin DIMM

    Heat Spreader
    Vengeance LP Blue

    above is the ram which is compatible but i wana ask smthing tht is there no other way ecept replacing my current rams coz this blue screen disturbd my rendering damn i cant even render my stuff :D help me pls
  3. Some motherboards do not like all the memory banks being populated. Check again by running two sticks at a time. Disable XMP.

    Btw, how sure are you that it is the memory causing the BSOD? What about your rest system components? Please post your system details. Also, make sure that everything is set properly in the BIOS. If you are using a discrete video card then make sure that the onboard video unit is disabled. Also turn OFF turbo while checking.
  4. well not sure 100% but the thing is i saw in memory configurator of corsair website where i mentioned the motherboard model no and i got sm another ram of corsair but not xms3 here is the website link u can check by ur self even i have try memdaigonatics of window it shows sm error 000x000 and in memtest i kept my pc whole day on memtest got more then 68% errors till then it was like all things got errors just was having no idea welll my motherboard is asus p7h55-m u can check it in its own website for specification + u can check in corsair site in support memory finder here is the link below:

    also whole cpuz detail abt cpu and emory i have given with help of print screenies below:" class="img lazy">
  5. forgot to mention got 400watt psu hey one more when i was fondling abtram and memory configurator in corsair website XMS3 DDR3 1600MHZdoesnt support MY Motherboard but i just was looking in newegg site there i was finding memory found XMS3 DDR3 1600 SUPPORT ASUS P7H55-M DAMN IM DAMN CONFUSED plss help with this :(
  6. you may want to list your bluescreens. Try to run 1 stick at a time and see. I used to get bsods from my ram because 1 stick was defective. 1 stick can slow your computer down and cause your entire system to fail.
  7. ya right now im running my system in one stick of corsair xms3 ddr3 1600mhz no blue screen now and abt blue screen list it was pfn_list_corrupt
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    pft_list_corrupt was one of the most common bsods i had due to defective ram, the next one would be memory_management, and irql_not_less_or_equal.

    It looks like one of your sticks is defective. I would recommend borrowing a dual channel set from a friend and using those to see if it really is the ram's problem though.

    If your friend's set runs it fine, then you sir, need to get a new set.
  9. ya i did thing is if im keeping only one stick of xms3 ddr3 1600mhz no errors but when im using more then one of thos ram errors cm also when im switching and using amoungst those ram individually those got no error but when i m using all of them the error cms ...
  10. Reading your posts are making my eyes hurt.

    How about some proper English and punctuation please.

    Again, I'll repeat, the memory model you list does not exist.

    Again, like I said in my first post, which you ignored, you have your timings, voltage and speeds set wrong in the bios. Why are you running 1600mhz ram at 1066??

    Your memory does not have to be on a mobo's qvl list to work.
  11. Could also still be a good idea to borrow from your friend and test around.
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