HDD Raid 0 vs Single SSD?

Hello all, I'm looking into buying some new Hard Drives for my computer for both performance increase and to replace an old 500Gb HDD.

My current specs:
Intel i7-870
4x 2Gb 1800Mhz Kingston Hyper X
Ati Radeon HD 5870
Corsair 650W
SSD OCZ Vertex 3 60Gb
HDD Samsung 500Gb Sata 7200rpm

I was wondering how getting 2 new 2Tb HDD and putting them into Raid 0 would compare to the speed I get with my current SSD. If you guys could show me some numbers (like write and read speeds, etc) I would really appreciate it.

Bottom line: is it better to get 2x 2Tb 7200rpm Sata3 (Raid 0) or just one of these and another SSD (possibly a 120Gb one). I don't intend to keep my current SSD because I might put it into another computer at home.
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  1. the biggest thing for windows is seek time.

    Spindal drives will range from 5ms to 10ms in seek time.

    Most SSD's are under 1ms in seek time. (your vertex is 0.1ms seek time)

    Below is my PC
    Left is a single one of my Vertex 4 SSD's
    Right is 3x WD 1tb Black Edition drives in RAID 0
  2. HDD's will not be able to compete with the speed of a SSD - even when several are in a raid.
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    SSD is faster than RAID0, as Hugo pointed out, an SSD's main advantage is access time. Which wont improve in a RAID0 situation.

    Get the best of both worlds, get a 128GB SSD and a 2TB drive for storage. Would be roughly the same cost wise.
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