Win 7 - power options - hardware stress?

Hi! I recently had an issue where 2 of my hard drives (HD2/3) would freeze when accessed, after a short period of being idle. A poster in the hard disk forum recommended that I change the hard disk power settings in under Power Options to "Never" under "Turn Hard Disk Off After". It originally was listed at 20 minutes.

I've never adjusted power settings in any Windows system before trying this. Under "Power Options" in my Win7 control panel, I can select "Balanced, High Performance, or Power Saver". It is currently set to balanced (with only the hard disk option changed). I'm wondering if I should select High Performance. Or if maybe I should select High Performance and increase other settings. Should I? What would be the benefits?

Will setting it to high performance put unnecessary stress on my hardware? Will having my hard disks set to "Never" idle make them less functional in the long term?

I'm completely unsure of these options so any advice is very much appreciated! Thank you.

My specs:

HD 1 (operating system) : 80gb Intel X25-M Mainstream SSDSA2M080G2GC
HD 2 (3 partitions) : WD 640gb - 6401AALS
HD 3 (5 partitions) : WD 1TB - 1002FAEX

i7 920
P6TD 02
XFX 5870
X-FI Titanium Pro
6GB DDR3 Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D
Pioneer 22+ DVDR
Silverstone ST1000-P
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
HAF 932
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  1. Please provide your Power Supply Details i.e Brand name, Watt of power supply etc.
  2. worry way too much.

    The freeze you experienced was because your drives had spun down and came to a stop and needed to spin back up to speed. This causes a short delay of several seconds.

    By changing the drive setting under Power settings you are telling it to wait for 20 minutes or more before spinning down. The thinking is if nothing happens for 20 minutes you probably walked away. Here is where people will disagree. One camp feels its best to never spin drives up and down, and the other feels its best to spin down the drives. Frankly my opinion is most of these settings are geared for laptops in order to squeeze the most time possible out of them while on a trip. .

    Power Settings High Performance just keeps the various components powered on - there is nothing really "high performance" about the setting. There is no extra stress by leaving the system on. It doesnt really matter for a desktop.

    Pick high performance and call it a day
  3. Thanks for the input, I probably do sound overly cautious but I have some pricey hardware in that box.

    I'm keeping the power settings as is, with the disks set to never spin down. Thanks again!
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