Newly built system wont start :-(

Hi guys ....

My first post here so please have some patience.

I just bought a new rig with the following components:

Mobo: Asus Crosshair iV Extreme
CPU: Amd x6 Black Edition
GPU: Gainward 580gtx Phantom
Mem: Kingston DDR3 16GB pack (4x4GB) 1600Mhz
PSU: Fractal Design Newton R2 800W
Case: Fractal Design Define XL Pearl Black
CPU Fan: Noctua NH-D14

Ive built system from the ground before without any major issues, but this time I can get the grip of what the problem is and it is hard to return parts if your not sure what is causing the problem.

All stuff fitted as suggested by manuals for the products. CPU power cable etc. is inserted on the mobo. When I give the PSU power the Mobo lights up as it should, but no reaction, neigther on the case powerswitch, nor the Start or GO button on the mobo. Tried picking out mem, changed GPU, tried other PSU, removed CPU, refitted CPU ... same thing.

I dont got any spare AMD cpu to try out, and I dont got any other system to try the CPU in. So, either the CPU, or the Mobo it feels like. I need to get my hands on a systemspeaker as my case is missing speaker from what I can see.

It seems then I search around the need quite a few have had this problem with Asus mobos but I have not been able to trace down a solution.

So, please guys, any ideas?

And please excuse my bad english :-(

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  1. You could be describing a bad power supply. If I read this correctly, the power supply is giving standby power but the power switch doesn't cause anything else to power on - drives, boot sequence, fans. Is that correct?

    You can get a cheap power supply tester. If the tester indicates that the power supply does not come on when the power terminals are shorted, it's the PS. If it works, then somewhere along the line the power switch's connection to the PS is damaged.

    With multiple PSs tested, as you write, I would look at the case next. Is this a new case? Is it possible that the power switch cable is bad?

    Do you have the luxury of trying this motherboard in another case, or on a bench with a power supply and nothing but the CPU, memory, and fans?
  2. I got the Asus mobo replaced and now its running. :)

    Thx for the help, peps
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