Suddenly can't access my own website....

So I was working on my website for my small business when suddenly it stopped responding. It was at the end of the work day so I shot an e-mail to the hosting company and left for the day. I get to work today and still I can't access it, but the hosting company says everything is working just fine.

So I check it out on my phone and sure enough, works fine. So I turn off my all my security programs, directly connect my computer to the modem, and try again. Nothing. I ping the server, get 100% packet loss.

I do a complete virus and spyware scan, it finds nothing and I still can't connect.

Any idea on what is going on? I didn't really change any connection settings on either end.
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  1. Have you tried both by name and by ip address?
    What does a tracert show?
    Can you connect to it from outside of your work network say from home?
  2. Resetting my router one more time did it...that's weird. Don't know how something like that could have happened.

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