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Just wondering if anybody knows of any technical reviews that have been performed on one of the new Corsair CX series PSUs. I haven't been able to find any to date. I only ask, since upon first evaluation these PSUs seem a bit 'budget' and a step backwards for Corsair who are usually reknowned for high-quality PSUs.

I'd like to see a technical review where these new series of PSU are put through their paces to see how they fare etc. It clearly states on the Corsair website that:

Best-in-class mainstream PSU for value-conscious system builders and upgraders

The Corsair Builder Series CX430 PSU is designed for worry-free compatibility for your home desktop PC system build or upgrade. With features usually reserved for premium power supplies, they are a great choice for systems where continuous and reliable power delivery and low noise are essential.

And while it's certainly not a bad thing that Corsair are targeting the 'budget' non-enthusiast market, I'm just wondering if (and if so, how much) quality they may be sacrificing to do so.

They are manufacturerd by CWT - I'm not necessarily saying this is a bad thing since CWT make other Corsair PSUs such as the 750, 850 and 1000HX models etc. I'm just pointing it out.

Also, they have no 80+ certification which is unlike Corsair. Generally, most Corsair PSUs come with at least 80+ or 80+ Bronze certification. The only models which didn't were some of the older discontinued models.

According to the Corsair website, these units are guaranteed to output their rated wattage at 30C. Whilst this is not a million miles away from the temperatures you may expect in a non-enthusiast perhaps office-based productivity system, other PSUs by Corsair have been rated at 50C which in my opinion represents a much better indication of build quality etc.

Furthermore, the new CX Series only comes with a 2 year warranty compared to the usual 5 or even 7 years warranty. Even the original 400CX has a 3 year warranty.

Obviously I understand that cut-backs have to be made in some areas to enable the price to be competitive for this market sector, I'm just pondering the extent of these cut-backs. Of course, this is all open to discussion and I am certainly not trying to discourage anyone from these PSUs - I could be totally wrong. I'm just putting a few points across. If anyone knows of any technical reviews that have been carried out or if you have anything to add or discuss they'd be very much appreciated :)
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  1. i think the cx400 wasn't profitable enough for them. so they mde a cheaper unit that costs about the same but makes them more profit.but i really want to test one :)
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