Which is a better card?

Which is a better card among these:

x1650 or gt220 or 9500gt or HD4650?

These (4) are the only option.
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    Here is Tom's Hardware June ranking, it looks like
    1) gt220
    2) HD4650
    3) 9500gt and x1650
  2. x1650 is an old card, so i would say you'll better with HD4650 DDR3 version if you can find it...
  3. 4650 ftw :bounce:
  4. The gt220 is one tier higher than the DDR3 version of the HD4650. Of those two, I'd still buy the HD4650 because I don't like how nVidia will not coexist with ATi without playing driver games. Of course, my personal bias may not apply to you, which is why I mentioned the tier rankings. If the HD4650 is a DDR2 version, there's a four tier difference, making that bias even harder to swallow.
  5. Gt220 is the best out of those. Its also the newest.
    NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 220: 40nm and DX10.1 for the Low-End
  6. thank you guys.
  7. How about these cards: GT240 , HD4670 , HD5570 and 9600GT. How do u rank them.
  8. 9600GT>GT240>Hd5570=HD4670
  9. thanks rolli59
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  11. acemanph said:
    thank you guys.

    You're welcome.
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