Unable to set vcore voltage in bios

hiii i have read many threads in this forum
i have intel i3 530 processor 2.93 ghz, 2gb ram ,500 gb hard disk, nvidia geforce 8400 gs graphic card
i want to overclock my processor but in my bios there is no option for setting cpu voltage or vcore voltage
i have gigabyte h55m-s2 main board, i took this board so that i may overclock my pc.
i have overclocked my cpu and my ram upto 3.30 ghz and 1500 mhz
but the problem is it is still slow i want to set the voltage but because of my bad luck i am unable to set it i.e from 1.264 to 1.32
in my bios there is each and every option except two options

load line calibration and cpu vcore

if it is not going to change is there is any software through which i can change my cpu voltage

i would be very much thankful to forum

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  1. If it is still slow, then something else is wrong. Increasing the voltage only helps it to run at the higher speed without crashing. What is it slow for?
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