(OS to SSD) So, how the heck do I do this?

So, how the heck do I get Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit from the laptop I just bought onto an SSD? I'd really like to do this without reinstalling windows, or getting rid of the recovery partition on the HDD that is in it.

I currently have a terabyte HDD in my Envy 17 and would like to install an SSD into it.

Since my laptop can support 2 drives:
Is there a way of getting windows from the 1TB HDD that it is installed on, to a SSD without wiping it?
Can I have Windows on the HDD and on the SSD at the same time? But only boot from the SSD drive?
Can someone guide me through the steps of doing this (if any of it is possible)?
Can W7 just be copied over to the SSD? While keeping the programs on the HDD?
Can I run programs off of the HDD, while just using the SSD for windows?

Sorry for all of the questions, I'm an SSD noob! [:lutfij:2]
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  1. Clean install the os onto the ssd with no other hdd attached. < best way

    Can I run programs off of the HDD, while just using the SSD for windows? < yes
  2. Area51 indeed correctly stated- Best is to do a clean install.

    If dead set on Migrating OS (cloning is sector copy and NOT recommended) take a look at EasyUS or EZ-Gig-II (or IV). Prefer EZ-gig (about $18 @ newegg), but then EasyUS is a freebee. Have used both, EZ-Gig-II was a freebee with one of my SSDs.

    Question on running programs from HDD, if You are talking about - If you are talking about booting to OS on SSD and running programs that were install on the HDD OS - Not only NO, but HEL_ NO.
    And Yes if you are talking about when installing programs on the OS on The SSD, can you direct them to install on the HDD and run from SSD - YES.
  3. So, no way of taking the copy on the HDD and putting it on the SSD without reinstalling? :(
  4. You can, it's just not easy to do and you can easily render your computer unbootable requiring you reinstall Windows anyway.

    It really is best to just go ahead and reinstall Windows.
  5. I never done a HDD to SSD but i got a friends OS going from HDD to HDD by using http://www.xxclone.com/idwnload.htm

    I think it was a trial version((it was actually the freeware version, but it did work). Not sure if it worked flawless from first seeing it. But according to my friend he's extremely happy with the transfer, nothing was missing. But we did have both HDD's connected to one of my old builds and it took about 8+ hours to transfer around 230GB's but it did work. Just a FYI they were externally connected through USB 2.0..

    If your on a OEM license best thing to do is transfer it this method. If you own the OS best is to to a fresh install, but if your broke like my friend doing it this way doesn't hurt to try.
  6. As I said, Use EasyUS or If like go for EZ-Gig.
    You want to migrate, not clone. These two are often used interchangibly - BUT they are Not the same.
    Cloning is a direct copy sector by sector - No changes.
    Migrating will normally set partition alignment for SSD and should also enable trim.

    One cavet - Your HDD should be in AHCI mode. If OS on HDD was installed using IDE mode then recommend you change before Migrating. Can do afterwards but better if done before.

    EasyUS (trial version good for 15 days): http://www.todo-backup.com/home/home-backup/download.htm

    Ez-Gig (my preference): http://www.todo-backup.com/home/home-backup/download.htm
    Gone Up was $15 -> $18. But then I got the USB2 version.

    Tigerdirect has it for $20: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2878506&CatId=5298

    I could not do a Clean install on my wife's system so I used EZ-Gig to transfer OS from Here HDD to a new SSD - when done, connected the SSD to Her SATA port, rebooted, set boot priority to SSD and booted up just like nothing happeded - worked great.
  7. So, I shouldn't copy?

    Can I just install programs onto the SSD while running W7 off of the HDD?
  8. So...I picked up one of these.

    How do I do the partition stuff? I just want to make this the easiest method, without losing any data.... :wahoo:
  9. I have used Acronis TrueImage Home many times to clone HDDs onto SSDs, and SSDs onto larger SSDs. I believe they were always in AHCI mode before I did it, but I'm not sure. That FSUTIL query for TRIM support always showed it active.
    Note that this was always on a Windows 7 system, but I've done it with Home Premium and with Ultimate. No problems at all. I typically removed the original drive before trying to boot with the new one after cloning.
  10. If there's a copy of windows on the HDD after I do that, is there a way of removing it so I can just use the HDD for storage?

    I think you can do it by wiping right?
  11. Yes, you can just re-format the HDD partition with the Old OS.
  12. Is there a way of making another copy onto like an external drive in case the SSD fails? So I can just restore back onto the HDD or another drive and plug that back in to boot?
  13. Your laptop came with a hidden partition from the manufacturer and it contains repair software and a restore program that will restore your laptop to factory new.
    Depending on whaT kind of personal files , programs , pictures or music that you have on the hard drive now. You can burn pictures and music to a dvd to have to reload after the switch and then it will depend on what you then have that needs to be saved that you could move to a usb drive or the external drive you were refering to so that you could then connect the SSD to the laptop and do a factory restore of the OS onto the SSD. If this works that way you could then format the partition that had all the data and OS on it and leave the hidden partition and that would be your backup OS and you can restore to factory new at any time if you leave the hidden partition alone. When you format you can specify to do only the one partition that was being used.
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