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I have an XFX- Radeon 4890. This card is great except for the fact that it spews hot air and is god awfully loud. Card temps are 60C/80C idle/load.

I would like to know if there are any after market GPU coolers/heatsinks that will help me cool down my GPU so I do not sweat while playing games.(It is quite uncomfortable)

I have heard mixed reviews of the ZALMAN VF1000 2 Ball VGA Cooler .

I am looking for something that will cool my GPU to an ideal ~35/55 idle/load (I do not know how practical that is)
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  1. A better fan will not make your card give off less heat, it will just more efficiently remove that heat from the gpu core itself. It can help with the noise though.
  2. My Question still stands. Will this GPU Cooler help with my overheated room?
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    My answer still stands. A better GPU fan will not reduce the amount of heat your card gives off. It may lower the temperature of the GPU but it will not lower the temperature of your room.
    In a physical sense the video card essentially takes electricity and turns it into heat. Only replacing the card with a lower power one will help prevent your room from heating up.
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