One more 4670 or a 4850

ok i all ready have a vision tek 4670 should i get one more to crossfire,or get a 4850? what would be the advantages or disadvantages?

thank in advance for you advice!!!
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  1. The HD 4670 CrossFireX performs as well as an HD 4850. They would probably consume similar amounts of power, and the HD 4670 would be cheaper, although if you only have two PCI-e 16x slots, you can't expand your graphic card setup anymore, and the next time you upgrade you'd have to sell/keep/dispose of the two HD 4670s. Just wondering, what motherboard do you have?
  2. i have a msi 870a-g54 mobo
  3. I would upgrade to 4850 because some games only utilize one gpu like GTA4.
  4. The MSI 870A-G54 has one slot at 16x, the other at 4x, which will probably bottleneck your HD 4670 CrossFireX setup by a bit. I recommend the HD 4850 in this case, and sell your old HD 4670.
  5. What power supply do you have.

    An HD 4670 consumes about 47w under typical gaming conditions.

    An HD 4850 consumes 110w under typical gaming conditions. Using FurMark benchmark, I believe the HD 4850 pealed at roughly 150w.


    The HD 5750 is the equivalent to the HD 4850 (a tad bit slower) and has DX11. Under typical gaming conditions it consumes 43w, Furmark pushes power consumption to 61w.
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