Sata dvd drives not detected now

My 2 SATA DVD drives were OK until yesterday when they both disappeared in "COMPUTER" I've not opened the case or installed new progs, so whats caused this or more importantly - how do I get them back?
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  1. What OS are you using? If it is W7 or Vista, right click on my computer, manage, and then make your way to the storage section. From there, see if they are still there. You can also check in the BIOS to see if they are still there.
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    If the bios doesnt see them, open the case up and check the cables. perhaps yours are the non-locking type and have come loose.
  3. The first thing to do is to check your BIOS to see if the drives are detected, if they are then try this Microsoft web page and click on the run now button.

    If they are not detected by the BIOS then check your cables and BIOS settings and try the drives on another interface and in another computer.
  4. Sorry to mess you about folks, but I've had this POS on the bench now for a few days and it's got a mind of it's own. I checked the cables (thanks popatim) but it doesn't always pick up both DVDRWs, sometimes none at all. BIOS picks them up prior to W7 "not seeing" them??? When it DOES see both drives, I can force it to "lose" one by opening a prog the client installed called BurnAware. I Googled it with the prob but no reported glitches from anyone else. Cannot burn using BurnAware but is perfectly OK woth CDburnerXP.

    Do I guess BurnAware has altered a DLL and it's now corrupt? Weird!
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  6. Fixed it! Seems it was a corruption of BurnAware (dll or registry I guess). I uninstalled it, cleaned the registry traces, rebooted then reinstalled and all OK now.

    Thanks for all input.
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