How to know if the cpu, mobo, psu?

My system has been running fine. Last night I installed a game 'section 8 prejudice' and this morning I got around to playing it.
About 5min in, my computer restarts itself and now it won't post. I tried switching vid cards. I lowered ram to 1 stick and cycled between the different ram. I removed the ram completely, no beeps. I took my voltmeter and got about 7v on one line and about 12.5 on another...(the ones that plug to the video card) 8 day wait at local shop to get it looked at. I am considering just buying a new mobo a installing it myself, tho I have never installed a mobo before and want to make sure I don't mess up a new 300$ board. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Before you go ahead and replace parts, first determine if this game is the root cause of the problem. Uninstall it and then check the operation of the computer.
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