1st System Self Restarting. Troubleshoot help!

So I built my first system about 20 days ago.

Everything worked right out of the box and no problems whatsoever.

Until today, when i was playing Starcraft II (which is not very stressing on my system even on ultra), the computer suddenly restarted.

This only happened one time and it is the first time too.

Any ideas of what the problem could be?

Do you think its the Power supply?

Could it be the motherboard?

It is not overheating problem because I use MSI Afterburner and RealTemp which tell me that I have comfortable temps.

I want to locate the problem so that i can return a faulty part within the 30 day limit.

Thanx for your reading and please help with advice.

My System Specs:

Mobo: ASUS P7P55D-e pro

CPU: intel core i-5 750

HSF: Zalman 9700

Ram: Gskill ripjaws 4gb

GPU: Dual SLI GTX 470.

PSU: Corsair HX 850
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  1. have you overclocked your CPU? if so... how and how far?
  2. Use a monitoring program like speedfan to monitor your PSU rails.

    Stress your system with prime95 or 3dMark and see if any of the readings change ±5% of spec.

    If your temps are all ok, it does suspiciously sound like a PSU problem.
  3. ^^ +1, however typically Corsair's PSU's are usually REALLY good, so that makes me sad to think that it's the PSU.

    Driver freakout maybe?
  4. I havn't overclocked anything just yet.

    I'll try prime95. Do you mean a 5% change in the speedfan monitor?
  5. In 3dMark vantage, i got a score of 27223, is that good?
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