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I just put together a new system using windows 7 and i'm using the onboard sound card with the latest realtek drivers. My sound levels were fine at first but I noticed that the audio in one of my games didn't sound quite right . I read online that this could be fixed by changing the audio from studio quality 24bit to 16bit dvd quality. It did not fix my sound problem and now my audio volume has suddnely become way too loud, even with the speakers set to min. I changed back to 24bit studio quality but the audio still remains to loud. I even did a system restore but no luck. Any idea what would cause this?
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  1. You know windows has a volume control in it right? In Vista/7 you can even adjust volume levels of specific programs you have running.
  2. yeah, i know. My volume was original set to 80/100 but I have turned it down to 40/100 so it's not quite so loud. I just want to know why the volume remains louder after I set all the settings back to default and even did a system restore to before i touched anything. I remember the same thing happended to me once with xp but doing a system restore fixed it.
  3. Did you maybe enable headphones mode?
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