Can't decide. 870 or 950

I've been scouring the the forums for an answer but there seem to be varying opinions on the matter. Should I get the core i7 870 or core i7 950. They are both the same price at $230. benchmarks seem to reveal that they perform near identically, thus if you were faced with the option which would you get. If you have a better idea at the same price point that is cool too. Mainly going to be for some photoshop action, light gaming, and a media server. (so it will probably be on like 10 to 20 hours a day at least).
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  1. The 870 on the lga 1156 platform has cheaper options in motherboards than the 950 on lga 1366. So based on price and use I would go with the I7 870.
  2. will the 1156 socket type hinder upgrading in like 2 to 3 years. Also more info: going to run a few SSDs in Raid and 2 gfx cards in sli/xfire.
  3. Both platforms are up to revamp. The LGA1156 with the Sandy bridge (LGA1155) in beginning of 2011 and rumor has it that the LGA1366 might follow later in the same year.
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