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Asus p8p67 - mobo
Hi my new build works fine. After a month when i replaced my psu i started having this problem. Every time i boot up my computer it always shows me the message to "Enter Setup to Recover BIOS". It wasnt like that before i replaced my psu. i dont know why it always bring me to bios.
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  1. Are you sure you have connected and secured all the necessary PSU connections? Check again. Meanwhile, please post your full system details. Also post the reason for the PSU change.
  2. asus p8p67 mobo
    i5 2400
    ripjaw 4gb ram
    seagate baracuda 1tb hdd
    zotac geforce gtx 460
    sony dvd writter
    coolermaster gx650 psu

    my old psu was coolermaster extreme 550 and was making loud noises when underload.
  3. this is my mobo . also it tells me that theres no HDD found in the begining but when i get on the computer everything seems fine. not sure why it says that before the bios. looking at the mobo picture where do i wanna make sure i connected my HDD right where do i connect it there?
  4. i lost the RTC RAM Jumper Cap will that affect anything?
  5. The first thing you can do is update to the latest available BIOS. Connect your hard drive to one of the blue SATA slots. Also disable any unnecessary options from BIOS (like dual lan etc.).
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