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Ok, so I have a new rig that I have built but it will not bring up video. All fans spinning, all lights are on but I do have two led lights on my asus sabertooth x58 with a solid red light, not blinking, with the terms, CPU led, and dImm led, both lit up. So this makes me think it is the ram and the processor, ram is Kingston 2 4 gig sticks, and an intel quad core with 3 gig processor, but when I pull both sticks to see if the mobo will yell at me, it doesn't on boot up? This just plain baffles me. My vidcard is a Geforce gtx 560I 1024 mb. Please help me ASAP so that I can order replacements if I need to.
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  1. Please post detailed system specs. Also, X58 offers triple channel memory (and I guess you have two memory sticks). Though it should work with two sticks also. Anyway, my rwcommendation is to get a triple channel set.
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