Acer 5750G hot hdd under my wrist, will sdd help?


I have an Acer 5750G laptop.
It's a good one but there's one problem that bothers me: somehow engineers placed hdd to the right after the touch pad, exactly where my wrist usually is (look ). Now my hdd temp is ~40C and it feels warm. In summer it can be much higher and I have to connect remote keyboard to work comfortably.

The solution I'm thinking about is replacing hdd with ssd and the question is are ssd usually colder then hdd? Will it help?
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  1. Straight answer in theory - yes. SSDs run cooler than HDDs (no moving parts, for one, efficiency another). But if your laptop doesn't have good cooling (low quality fan, low speed fan, or just poor thermal design), it might not actually alleviate the particular problem you're having.
  2. As stated above - Yes atleast in general, but not always, there are a few that draw almost the same power as a HDD while doing read/writes. For Idle they should be better, ie lower power, but again not always the case as laptop HDDs often stop spinning when truely idle, However SSDs often use this time to perform Garbage collection. In terms of temperature (heat disipation) sligh tedge to SSDs except for a few that are notably low power. The SSDs should be more eff which means less of Total power converted to Heat energy - Would really need to find "temperature comparision" between when Power is about the same. If SSD is in fact lower power then heat loss shoul;d also be less - JUST do not take for grant that the SSD has lower power consumption.

    The curcial M4 was one of the better SSDs also known for lower power consumption during read writes (prefered over Samsung 830); However the New Samsung 840 looks to be the BEST both performance wize and probably the LOWEST on power consumption.
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