Is engineering sample chip supposed to be this hot?

i just bought a used q6700 that appears to be q6700 es.
the idle temp. is 55c,
full load is around 75c (never exceed 75c)
i re apply thermal grease and reseat my
scythe ninja (bigfan) heatsink and it's still the same temp.
it unlocks multiplier but no one would dare oc with the temp. like this.

one question, if the graphic card is super clock from factory,
can it be the cause that asks for more cpu power?
the graphic card is evga gtx460 sc 1 gb.
my guess is unlikely.
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  1. i don't have a thermometer but my air conditioner
    is set to 20c, also my mainboard temp. is 40c if that helps.
  2. maybe there is something wrong with the seating of the heat spreader on the cpu. You could also try this ->
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