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I am waiting until Black friday to make my purchase because I am on quite the budget. I am shopping on Newegg. I do not need an OS, Monitor, Keyboard or mouse. I am gonna be using this system build for Gaming on WOW. I am at $650 USD right now and thats about where I want it to be. I am stuck between getting the Phenom II x2 555 BE, the 560 BE, or the Phenom II x4 965 BE. I Dont need a quad core at all and the 555 is 90 dollars right now. I am assuming Newegg will have decent sales come black friday. If anyone has had experience with any of these CPUs please give me some advice. This is my first build ever. The 965 is around 160 USD right now. so its a 50 to 60 dollar increase. would it be worth it? I was going to get the xfx 5670 as a graphics card for 100 but people keep saying the 5770 is much better and by the specs its got better stream processing and a slightly higher core clock. I did consider the Athlon x3 cores but I dont think they have L3 Cache. I would check but im currently on Dial up. What card should I pick also for a GPU or . the price difference is 40 dollars for now. I am also using my 22 inch vizio 60 htz as a monitor.
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  1. All of those chips are more than is needed for wow.
  2. The Phenom II X2 should be enough for the majority of your gaming needs, particularly if you mainly play WoW. Gaming performance is more dependent on the GPU so make sure you have a solid card. The X4 may give you better multi-tasking performance and better performance in apps that are multi-threaded for everything you do when you aren't gaming. The choice is yours depending on your usage and budget. However, I'd get the 555 BE over the 560BE since the difference in clock speed can easily be achieved by a small overclock especially considering it has an unlocked multiplier.
  3. Triplecores will give you what you need, X3 435,440,450, any of those, you may get lucky and be able to unlock a stable fourth core too, but as you say you dont 'need' a quad, it would be a bonus :)
    I run 2 WoW rigs on unlocked 435's with Sapphire 5770's, cant go wrong for the price imo
  4. I was either getting the xfx radeon 5670 or 5770. The price is is around 50 bucks or so. I did some research and I heard the 5670 wasnt too shabby. I am also using my 22 inch vizio 60 hrtz tv as my monitor.
  5. Stretch the budget, go for the 5770 imo :)
    (mine runs on a 20' 60hz @1680x1050,Gf's is 1440x900)
    use what you save on the chip to reach the card, happy building man.
  6. Well thank you for the encouragement. I think my 22 inch vizio is 1380x760. It really does depend on the deals on newegg during black friday also. I read somewhere that their deals tend to suck sometimes.
  7. If you want any kind of future-resistance, do not get a dual core CPU; you want at least three cores. Check the last two bottlenecking articles for some benchmarks. With the HD6000 series coming out, hopefully there will be some deals on the HD5000 cards. A HD5770 would also be a decent choice.
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