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I'm buying a new monitor, my budget is around $300 which enables me to purchase one of these three types. All of them have their own plus' and minus' and I'm hoping you guys can give me some insight on to which of these is the best choice, thanks!
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  1. well those a some pretty vague descriptions we could tell you more if you would kindly link us the monitors you're looking at

    LED could be referring to an led backlit lcd, or an actual led monitor, in that case a backlit monitor, are usually thinner, more power efficient but doesn't do much for the picture, led monitors on the other hand, come in varitie of flavors, normal led, olem amoled

    as for the resolution you posted, i'm assuming other monitors have lower resolution, that pretty straight forward, higher resolution sharper image, but that also means you better have the graphical grunt to back it up

    and 3d, which....also comes in at least 2 forms nvidia's shutter glasses, which you can use one of there approved 120hz monitors, and the glasses take care of business, or a polarized screen which i'm not very familiar with, but in that case the monitor takes care of buisness,

    personally i'm going to assuming since it's under 300 dollars led is an led backlit, so i personally wouldn't get that, now it just comes down to, do you want a sharper image, or mind blowing 3d, but keep in mind right now nvidia only has a few games that are really, gaming ready, many more are in that halfway stage, where there going to be some problems but playable, but when you take away the 3d, if it's a lower resolution you may be wanting htat 1920x 1200 screen
  2. Here's the monitors I had in mind:

    I heard that the LED backlights have much better colors and contrast ratio

    I really like having a higher res, more space to work with, and 3d woudl be with a polarizing lens solution, not the nvidia one.

    If you have any other plans surprise me, I could go for an IPA panel but I'm pretty sure I cannot afford one.
  3. ADM_I said:

    I heard that the LED backlights have much better colors and contrast ratio

    Those are rumors and "I think..."

    Basically there is not much difference other than LED has lower power consumption. I have seen some screenshots which showed an LED backlit LCD monitor has slightly cooler (meaning bluer) colors than a traditional CCFL backlit LCD.

    One thing to consider is all current LED backlit monitors uses TN panel which are not exactly known for color accuracy when it counts. Meaning if you do photography or graphic design where color accuracy is the utmost importance, you do not use TN panels monitors unless you do not mind submitting work than may be considered sub-par and your job is now on the line.
  4. the biggest thing you want to look for is static contrast ratio in my opinion, dynamic contrast takes into account, the ability for the monitor to adjust brightness, of the backlight to make darks darker, and brights brighter, so in certain situations, the samsung is going to look better, but realistically you can see the lack of a standard, when both have 1000 CR and the samsung has 5000000 DC ratio

    but now looking at these i think they're all closer then i orignally thought, i feel personally 1080p to 1920x1200 isn't much of a jump, and even though Samsung over states CR to outragous proportion i'm sure it does look better

    btw what gpu are you using, because 1920 1200 is going to pack a punch not to mention 3d is going to pack double punch as it literally takes twice as demanding
  5. I won't be running my games under either of these environments, they are mostly just for productivity, my current monitor is 19 inches and the resolution is pretty low. My GPU is a 9800gt, and when I do play games I will just scale down the resolution, and plus I always run games and things windowed so I can multi-task. I was having a lot of trouble choosing one as well since each feature has it's own positives and negatives. Are there cheap IPS panels at 1920x1080? I would be content with that over the competition. I would also be willing to spend slightly more than $300, but definitely more than say $350.
  6. I don't think there's much difference between LED and LCD. LED costs more but it doesn't seem to look better.

    I would completely ignore contrast ratio. The numbers are theoretical and not measured. Frequently a monitor with a contrast ratio of 50,000:1 will be measured with an actual ratio of 1,500:1.

    I would get the biggest monitor you can afford.
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    Dell U2311H

    You just missed a sale, it was $269 instead of $299 two days ago when I recommended to some else looking for an inexpensive IPS.

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