Good mini atx case plus advice on the build

i am not trying to build this with extreme gamer in mind just a casual gamer that plays cod4 and stuff
these are the only graphics card i am going to use in sli
two of these
the reason i am using this is because i love the low profile card with the cooler and not just the chip and i think it look rally really neat
i know some people think 9800gt are outdated but it has served me well for 4years and when using 2 1gb card in sli it would be good
i need advice on the case this is what i picked
i like cases like this because they look like a box and not a tower
and should i go with intel i3 or i5 or amd phenom/athlon
this is the motherboard i picked
i need at least 2 pci express slots

and like i said before this is not for gaming as much as it is for portability and hd video

i ace on what blu ray drive combo should i use and i am going to be using a 3.5'' card reader and antek elite ir recever
iam going to be using a 500gb or 1tb hdd
also built in wifi in the motherboard would be nice
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  1. As a systems builder now more into SFF/HTPC/mATX rigs DIY i would stay away from multi GPU and/or heavily OCed chips unless u have small yet excellent cooling! Not trying to be a wet blanket but in confined spaces, heat becomes a strong nemesis of hardware @@ If your 9800GT has served u well, stick to it then if your games need more horsepower hit a GTX 460,HD 5850, HD 5870, etc
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