A little advice for future upgrade

Hi guys I need some advices about upgrade in next few days/weeks. At this moment I'm using 775(p35) based system with E4400 @ 3.6Ghz, mobo - GB Ud3p and GF9600GT. So I'm gonna ask you directly:
Is there a point to upgrade to Phenom II x4(955) based system with DDR3 or I should wait for the new AM3+ socket? ...or GTX460...

*I use it mainly for gaming(1280x1024(most of the time) or 1680x1050), cad and sometimes to convert huge RAW files(1gb+)
** I'm sorry about my bad English.
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  1. There is a point if you play games that use 4 cores and they don't run well.


    You can also get the cheaper Athlon II X4 if you decide to upgrade.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    For gaming,definitely upgrade your GPU.a card like HD 5770 will give you a great boost in performance and can handle all games fine on your resolution.
    As for CPU,a quad core CPU like Phenom II X4 955 or a cheaper option like Athlon II X4 will give you a good boost in CPU intensive apps(like PhotoShop)
  3. Well I'm gonna try my "luck" with one GTX460(maybe 768mb the price is equals to 5770(1gb) here) and will wait for Bulldozer or SB.
    Thank you.
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