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Should I upgrade my motherboard & RAM

Here is my current setup. If its not worth it to upgrade then i wont. Let me know what you think. I have about 170 right now for this and RAM. but willing to save a little more if needed.

corsair 650 PSU
AMD Black 965 cpu
ASUS M3N78 Pro Board
4gb OCZ DDR2
Win 7 Pro 64
Antec 900 Case
XFX GTS 250 Card

If I should upgrade what do you recommend???
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  1. Unless you need some specific mainboard feature that yours doesn't have, then you don't need to upgrade. Looking at those parts, I'd say your graphics card would be the weak link, assuming you're a gamer.
  2. Maybe the better question would be to ask if I am getting all I can out of my CPU? I just upgraded from a older phenom to this one.

    By upgrading the board and the DDR2 to DDR3 would it be a big difference or hardly noticeable?
  3. There's no reason to upgrade anything except your graphics card.

    DDR2 to DDR3 would be no noticeable difference.
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    I say wait a little bit for 990X and 990FX boards. ASUS has a sabertooth out that should support SLI, but it's about outside your price range ^_^.

    I say wait for some cheaper 990X boards with SLI, then get new RAM and a second GTS250 to run in SLI. You will then be able to upgrade to Bulldozer and perhaps some better GPUs latter on.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I was just wondering if I was limiting my performance or anything with the older board.

    Unless anyone else has any opinions I will hold off for awhile and mark this post solved in a day or two.

    Thanks again!
  6. We don't even know if your a gamer or what you do with this computer, so it's hard to make ANY recommendation on ANY kind of upgrade.
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