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I know that Intel and AMD are both launching new architecture in the 'near' future. I want to build a new rig soon(around december) and am wondering if the prices for current i5 and i7 cpu's will drop in price and by how much. If its just $10 or $20 then to me its not worth waiting around but if the price drop is going to be something along the lines of an i7-930 for the price of an i5-950 that would be worth the wait. Just curious to see the opinions of the more plugged in people.
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  1. There's always something bigger and better and/or cheaper just around the corner. It's never worth waiting until tomorrow for what you can buy today.

    The best advice I ever heard when it comes to these types of questions is...

    Buy the best performing parts you can afford today.
  2. I'm in the wait camp. Though bulldozer is a fair bit off, Sandy Bridge is right around the corner and we have Black Friday and all the holiday sales even sooner!
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