What characraristics make memory good for overclocking a cpu?

I have a phenom II 945 (locked multiplier) and wanted to know what difference high performance ram made when it comes to overclocking. I've read old threads and can't get a definite answer. do i want low cas, high frequency or something else?
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  1. Lower voltage/timings and high frequencies are the settings for and ideal RAM(for OC'ng)
  2. OC from FSB need strong hard RAM :
    - component chip memory made by Micron / Elpida
    - Have Heat Spreader / heatsink
    - Low Latency + high clock + low Vdim (more cool because OC FSB)
    - more size Ram
    - no error when memtes86+
  3. High frequency, as you increase the frequency when you overclock, and you want the RAM to handle it.
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