Playing battlefield 2 and suddenly lose screen then pc beeps

Hi, my computer is hp a1430n, and I was playing battlefield 2 and suddenly my screen turned black. I tried many times, and sometimes when my screen goes off, I also hear my computer beeps (mono tone continuous long beeps), is this hardware failure? It never happened until recently, and I have had this computer for 5 years. My system spec is Athlon 64x2 4200+, 939 socket, Geforce 6150LE, Bestec 300w. Can someone tell me what's wrong with my pc and what the beeping sounds mean? Thanks.
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  1. I figured it out, it's the memory slots' problem.
  2. That Bestec PSU is pounding your system with spikes every time it is turned on. It's a wonder it still works at all. Check out the review on, "Best of the Bestec."
  3. Yes, continuous long beeps indicates serious memory problems.

    But jtt is right. That is a crappy PSU.
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