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i have recently bought 2 crucial 256 gb drives,replacing 2 64 gb patriot drives.i ran out of space on my patriot drives.and since then i been having problems with mobo set features like instant boot and atux.which are features downloaded to mobo.contacted asrock and stated most likely corrupt file in windows.got tired of inconsistency and made move to do new install of win 7 pro,with my 2 new ssdh,but they are set up in raid o,and i need to partition and format them before my win 7 arrives. since in raid o do i format both ssdh and set partitions for win 7 on both .or just one sshd,and just format the other. or just wait for software and do it then. looking forward to get my computer running right.thank you vanniko63
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  1. Why run SSD in raid 0?

    If you are using a raid controller on the motherboard, then you wouldn't need to do anything because Windows will see 1 (raided) drive, and will partition and format it as needed during the install.
  2. even if its a virtual raid,problem is i can not boot my computer to recall set up i do recall 1 ssdh as boot.other was mirror .and together they made up drive c ,ran out of space on drive c,and things were not working properly since i reached limit of space.so just pop in ssdh.s and let cd do the work. thank you for your time, consider this computer like a sports car,dont need it but nice to have.and i only drive it on sundays.
  3. i got a reswponse from crucial for set up sshd,s and wood like to share with community.
    Thank you for contacting Crucial. You will want to do a regular format and initialization of the drive so you an ensure that 4K alignment is set up for the SSD, then you can install the the OS from there. The portition would be up to you. but i still need additional help .do i do this to both sshd,s.do i only install win on 1 hd,and then set up second after install?
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