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Hey there i have a dell xps 420 computer and here is my computer info.

intel(R)core(tm)2 duo cpu E6850 @ 3.00ghz 2.99ghz ram 3.00 gb
system type 32-bit operating system
i have NVIDIA geforce 8800 gt and i have 375wt power supply i was thinking about getting SAPPHIRE HD5850 1GB will think work for my pc?If so do you think i should get it?
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  1. Your power supply won't be able to run it. You'll need to upgrade your power supply first - I suggest a quality 500watt at the minimum.
  2. do you think 500 watt power supply would be worth it or should i just get a 1000 watt?
  3. Oh no.....lol. You only need 1000w if you are going to run 3 or 4 high end graphics cards. A good power supply from Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, Antec or Silverstone with 500 to 600 watts is PLENTY for any single graphics card. If you were going to run 2 x 5850s in Crossfire then you really only need a 650w model. Stick to the brands I listed and you will be fine.
  4. do you think SAPPHIRE HD5850 1GB is worth the money or should i get a better graphic card?
  5. death1234 said:
    do you think SAPPHIRE HD5850 1GB is worth the money or should i get a better graphic card?

    That's your decision to make. You have to factor in:

    1) Games I want to play
    2) Resolution I plan to play them at
    3) Performance I'm willing to live with
    4) $$ Available to spend

    and then pick a card that will do this. If the 5850 is good enough, you're wasting money buying something faster.
  6. Like Herr_Koos said it really comes down to what games do you play and at what resolution. I do have to add that a 5850 is about as high as you can go without upgrading the rest of your computer as well. The E6850 is getting old is not really powerful enough to get the most out of anything more than a 5850. Also 3gb of RAM and a 32 bit OS.......you would be better with a 64bit OS and at least 4gb of RAM for most games as well.
  7. The HD5850 is a good choice and the best deal for the money on the high end right now imo. It is also is quite low power for its performance. There's actually a decent chance it will work on your current power supply as the card only uses about 20 more watts than your current 8800GT. I wouldn't try overclocking on that PSU though and its overclocking ability is one of the main reasons the HD5850 is such a good value. Also you would be pushing the PSU to the limit of its capabilities which can shorten the life of a power supply and cause it to fail before too long. So it would be best to replace it. Even a 400w of a brand like the ones anort listed should handle the card although I'll add Enermax and OCZ to the list.
    This would be fine for a single HD5850;
    and this one if you would like to crossfire someday;
  8. wait for gtx 460

    i m waiting for it too

    will be out in july mid
  9. IROC_69 said:
    wait for gtx 460

    i m waiting for it too

    will be out in july mid

    But the price and performance are still unknown, so that's a bit of a gamble, eh?
  10. yjyyj.. that 1st PS only has 30amps. Not worth a nickel for his use. you want to provide enough "clean" power to your system..... the second one is a better option. AMPS not WATTS.
    I use a 6850 off and on. Bogs down in multi-use situations but still games pretty good most of the time. A quad would be better but the graphics are the big killer in gaming as we speak. I have a 5850 and it's a good card.
  11. But it actually HAS 30 amps. This is not some no name brand and Corsairs ratings are very reliable. The HD5850 actually uses slightly less power than an HD4850. Even fully OCed the card uses about 150w. People forget how low power this card is because of its high performance. He is using a 65w CPU. With the CPU + GPU using 18 amps he has a lot of leeway for the rest of the system even if you want to keep well away from maxing out the PSU.
  12. would the Hd5850 be able to play crysis 2 at max settings?
  13. You never told us what resolution you play at.

    Look the HD5850 is a GREAT and very powerful card. But if you want extreme gaming and you do if you want to max out Crysis anything then the rest of your computer needs updating too. You really need a quad core CPU and 4gb of memory as well as a good graphics card like the HD 5850 for maxing the newest games at high resolution. Especially Crysis.
  14. death1234 said:
    would the Hd5850 be able to play crysis 2 at max settings?

    Do you have the recommended system requirements for Crysis 2?
  15. There are diffent types of the Hd5850 graphic card what type should i get?
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