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  1. If you like to,can you check my intel extreme gaming build,its almost similar like yours.Also for your configuration,you dont need 850w like gkay09 said.My setup is 600w psu and the technician said where we are buying it from,only needs about 600w psu.I wont be doing sli as it takes up more power consumption and of course overclocking as well.
  2. Please read this: Warning: These P55 motherboards will cripple your Crossfire/SLI performance.

    The mobo you chose is on the no list. I would like to know if this is true! If so, it means you gotta spend more for a P55 mobo or go with a cheaper X58 mobo.

    I am still debating between a i7-930 and i7-870 build because I am also considering two GTX460s in SLI.
  3. I think his mobo is on the recommended list, similar to ASUS P7P55D PRO (Two-Way SLI), but better with USB3.0/SATA6.0GB/S
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