Ga-p31-ds3l wont boot with 2gb sticks in

my comp has run fine before on 4 gb ram(2X2GB) but now wont even post with on 2gb stick in. if i put 2 X 1gb sticks in posts and boots fine! brand new budget ram! and my older 2 sticks produce the same result
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  1. anyone??? please help
  2. Please be a little detailed in your explanation of the problem.

    Few questions:
    1. Which is the brand new RAM? The 2Gb sticks or the 1GB sticks?
    2. Brand of the RAM's?
    3. Specs if the two RAM's?
  3. *RAM can only be installed in specific slots:
    1) a single stick has only one of those slots it works in
    2) two sticks also only work in two specific slots

    See the motherboard manual. You can usually get one online if you can't find yours. The only other option is to try the other slots until one works.
  4. my prob isnt with the ram its all matching ram, i don't want to make the issue more than it needs to be! the issue is that the board used to run 2X2gb sticks in slots 1 & 3 as per gigabyte specs, one day it wouldn't boot so by process of elimination i swapped the ram out with 2X1GB sticks in the same slots and the same spec, computer booted fine, the old ram also worked in a mates computer fine. So my issue is the ram slots work, the ram works but all of a sudden the board wont recognise GB sticks is this a bios issue or does this happen after a while? Is my board on the way out?
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