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Hey all,

Recently been looking into purchasing a new desktop, more than likely and preferably one custom built from ibuypower, have about a 1600 dollar budget for the pc and was wondering if any of you gamer/techies out there could help me out getting a good build. Now, I will be updating this PC from time to time, but just need a good place to start, so bear in mind, a high power supply and a good motherboard will be needed, other than that though as far as nvidia vs ati or intel vs amd doesnt really matter to me as im just looking for the best pc i can build within my budget. Any ideas or build options would be amazing, thanks in advance, oh and yes, it is for gaming lol. Take care all.

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  1. I like the low power usage of ATI graphics cards and bought one to save on my electricity costs. If you're buying a monitor also ones like Benq use only 10W in operation. Minimum of a quad core CPU I think. AMD route usually cheaper and for a gaming rig you can save a bit elsewhere for a really good graphics card. I wouldn't overdo the PSU wattage as a 500-600W PSU can handle all but the top graphics and CPU systems but get a decent brand. Also, try to have upgrade potential in the memory and if poss CPU route. New Intel chips will be available around December this year. Perhaps if you have PC now, just buy the GPU and wait for new CPUs.
  2. Doive,
    I dont have a pc now, well i do but its a laptop and starting to hit its 3 year mark, and slowing down considerably. I am fine for now with getting a decent system that is upgradeable, maybe if i post a possible build some of you can help me with ideas to change it around, keep in mind id like to keep cost around 1600 (not including tax) and as far as electricity goes, i dont pay an electricity bill, its free for me. Here is what i am thinking so far (all from ibuypower):
    Case: Thermaltake Armor A90
    Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition (Six Core)
    Cooling: Liquid CPU cooling w/ 120 mm radiator
    Memory: 8GB (4gbx2) DDR3-1600
    Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5830 -1GB Single card
    Motherboard: [CrossFire] Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 -- AMD 890FX w/ 2x Gb LAN, 4x PCI-E 2.0 x16
    Power Supply: 1000 Watt -- Extreme Power Supply [Gaming Series] Quad SLI + Active PFC
    Hard Drive: 1TB -- 16M Cache, 7200 RPM, 3.0Gb/s - Single Drive
    Optical Drive: 24x sony dual format dvd/cd read write
    Network Card: Intel Pro 10/100/1000
    Operating System: Windows 7 premium with office basic (64bit)
    No monitor

    Thoughts on how to improve this or if i should switch anything up within my budget. or any thoughts on switching to i7 but keeping the price under 1600?
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