A cheap and decent motherboard for 8gb of ram..


I'm looking to update my computer for the purposes of running some virtual machines (vmware). Since my current computer is old and is lacking in ram, I'm looking to upgrade to around 8GB, but for that it seems like I need to upgrade my motherboard.

What decent motherboard could support an intel i7 and around 8gb ram? I'm actually already quite content with my current processor speeds (it's a core 2 quad 6600), would that have to be upgraded as well for compatibility reasons?

When I looked at the price list of motherboards, the price seems to vary quite a lot, and I'm stumped as to why. It seemed that they all supported DDR3.

Any recommendations/pointers would be much appreciated.
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    Yes, you would need to get a new CPU. Look into a 2500K and a P67 mobo

    If you would like help with all the other parts too, you may want post in the Homebuilt section and fill out the build advice form.
  2. Thanks. I see that the motherboard has a very good rating. Might go ahead with it..

    Would it be possible to get two of those rams (making it 16GB) and have it work on that MB, or will I have to get a different set of RAM chips?

    I think I'm gonna get the 2600k i7 for this board as well. Would more expensive motherboards make much of a difference in terms of the i7's performance?
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