Need help buying my first SSD

I'm new to SSD's but I figured I should probably look into getting one for my new rig.

I did some light research(comparing prices) and came to the conclusion this one is the best bang for the buck.

I never had more than 1 hard drive in my life. I dont know where to start or what questions to even ask.

Would I need to install windows on both hard drives?

I read a lot of people saying use ssd for os booting and hdd for storage.

So lets say I install windows on the ssd, Would I install every other software on my hdd or ssd?

Sorry if I make 0 sense. Hopefully someone understands where I am coming from and can help.
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    With a 256GB SSD ( or even a 120GB model ) you have room to install Windows and all your programs and games on the SSD. This will allow the SSD to do what an SSD does best and really increase your overall system responsiveness. You will never go back to a mechanical drive. The Samsung 830 is an excellent choice by the way.

    Unplug any drives other than the SSD and install Windows. Then you can plug in any mechanical drives you have.

    Use the mechanical drive for storage. Documents, pictures, music, videos....basically anything that you need copies of but will not benefit from being on the SSD. Personally I have hundreds of gigabytes of stored info and have 4 mechanical drives in my case in addition to my SSD. I also have 2 external drives. Some stuff that could never be replaced like pictures are also burned to DVDs and stored at a relative's house just so something like a fire could not destroy everything. That is a bit much probably but I have learned over the years that hard drives die just when you really need them not to!
  2. ty. that pretty much clears everything up.
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  4. Glad to help.

    There are some excellent guides online as to how to optimize Windows for your SSD. I would start here and do some reading in the Tweaks / Optimization section.

    Some guides tell you to totally disable the pagefile. Personally I would not totally disable the pagefile unless you have at least 8GB of RAM and even then with a larger SSD of 120GB and up I would set it to 1GB manually.
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