SSD/HDD arrangement for HTPC??

I am setting up a new HTPC and am considering a few storage options. I have a server on the network that will carry most of my media and any recorded TV I want to keep will get moved to that server. So my options for the HTPC are:

1 – 64gb SSD (OS) and 2tb HDD (live TV buffer and recorded shows)
pro more space, keep things separate
con slower, noisy spinning drive

2 – 120gb SSD (OS + recorded shows) and 32gb USB flash drive (live TV buffer)
pro quiet, no spinning drive, fast
con less space, using writes on SSD, have to move recorded files very soon to not fill up SSD (can be done with a scheduled script or addon)

Both options cost about the same. Which do you think will work better??
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    I would go with option 1, because HDTV consumes a lot of space when recording, so you can record more.
  2. Going 120 ssd + 2tb hd, best of both worlds
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